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customer-oriented, professional staff and extensive international service network in time for your every need thanks to air transport between the world's airports, the whole of Turkey, with cost-efficient, producing reliable and fast solutions.

When we look at the increasing number of airline transportation in recent years; We see that the rate of use in exports has increased and this method provides significant advantages to its users in terms of environmental health and transportation. Another reason why airline transportation is preferred is; It is the transportation of goods with relatively low volume and weight but high value in a very short period of time. When we look at the world trade, we cannot ignore that the product diversity is increasing day by day and the competition is getting stronger and business processes are accelerated. Advantages of the aircraft as a means of transportation have brought airline transportation to an important place today. Merden Logistics wants to offer all these advantages to its customers as a service; It also plays an important role in airline transportation and offers solutions to suit all expectations of its customers.

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Our team can meet all your demands, from door-to-door and import / export services, to cross-trade and integrated logistics, thanks to the synergy with the most qualified international shipping and logistics companies. We can guarantee worldwide shipping and fast delivery. Our maritime transport services, which generally need to be integrated with road freight transport and logistics, stand out with quality, cost and timing.


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