Fine Art Transportation

Road Services

The trucks Benice uses to transport "door-to-door" works of art at home and abroad are designed at world standards for this very special task. - All our vehicles are fully lockable and have a refrigerated safe. - In-vehicle temperature and humidity control is provided by advanced technology air conditioning equipment. - All our trucks are monitored 24/7 with in-vehicle camera and Vehicle Tracking System.

Airline Services

The most important objectives of transportation are the minimum handling and keeping the time that the work of art is in different environmental conditions as short as possible. For this reason, airway is preferred as the primary mode of transportation.

By paying attention to the shortest possible transit time, we work towards direct flight reservation and the best price. In the airport transits of shipments made by connecting flights, the Benice Fine Art Logistics team carefully follows every detail of the operation and pays maximum attention to the staff accompanying the works.

Seaway Services

Sea shipping, which is very suitable for high volume and weighted works, is provided with the highest standards of packaging and shipping worldwide, with our internationally experienced business partners. It is preferable to use a whole container to minimize handling and not to travel in the same container with other objects.


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