There are no space or time for us when it comes to storing your personal valuables. No matter whether you would like to store individual objects on a temporary basis or for long-term periods - Benice always has a safe place available for your furniture, pictures, paintings, antiquities and any other sensitive or highly valuable goods.

  • 7/24 CCTV Camera recording system
  • 7/24 Security Guard
  • Alarm Security System
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Motion Sensitive Sensors
  • Operated Motorized Shutter
  • Periodic Spraying and Maintenance

Our Services and Expert Approach

Our team can meet all your demands, from door-to-door and import / export services, to cross-trade and integrated logistics, thanks to the synergy with the most qualified international shipping and logistics companies. We can guarantee worldwide shipping and fast delivery. Our maritime transport services, which generally need to be integrated with road freight transport and logistics, stand out with quality, cost and timing.


We are here to help every business needs

Stop worrying about shipping problems. Focus on your work. Let's provide the support you deserve.