Portable Cultural Property and Artworks by our company In addition to packaging, transportation and storage, restoration of your works, Our Restorators, who are experts in Conservation and Value Determination, carried out by.

In this context, by determining the current state of your works, restoration and conservation and repair of works in need of conservation, original materials and in accordance with the techniques, within restoration ethics We design and implement projects.

It has a wide range of works, Canvas Painting, Paper Artifact, Calligraphy, Book, Sculpture, Ceramic, Textile, etc. service for restoration, conservation and value determination for your works We provide.

All stages from the beginning to the end of the application of your works documented and recorded and at the end of the restoration process, delivered as a report. In addition, how different material types should be protected in the works, We provide consultancy services regarding storage and exhibition. Art appropriate conditions for the work to be damaged, damaged and broken It should not be forgotten that it is not possible.

Every work of art is a value, these values ​​should be protected and healthy somehow it should be transferred to live for many years.


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