General Special Conditions


General Data Protection Law 

Informative Text On The Processing Of Personal Data

Benice Lojistik A.Ş  “Benice Logistics” Company comprising undertake every effort to take any and all actions and measures for the protection and privacy of personal data pertaining to their current and potential customers, business partners, visitors, shareholders, company executives, employees, employee candidates, the employees and officers of the institutions and companies that they collaborate with and any other relevant third persons under the Law no: 6698 on Protection of Personal Data (“KVKK”). Your personal data may be processed under the capacity as the ‘Data Controller’ for the purposes specified below and by taking all technical and organizational measures under the Law no. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data.

Collection and Processing of Personal Data and Our Data Processing Purposes

Your personal data may be processed in accordance with the conditions specified in Articles 5 and 6, subject to the fundamental principles of the Law no. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data.

Benice Logistics may process your personal data for the purposes of the follow-up of and replying to your suggestions, requests and complaints, increasing customer satisfaction, conducting sales and after-sales support processes, conducting the contractual processes, carrying out social responsibility and civil society activities, conducting advertising, campaign, promotion and sponsorship processes, organization and events management, planning or implementation of new strategies, marketing activities, conducting supply chain management processes, carrying out logistics activities, providing information to competent persons, entities and institutions, conducting the activities for ensuring business continuity, and planning of human resources processes.

Your personal data are collected verbally, in writing or electronically through various channels considering the aforementioned purposes and the conditions and circumstances specified in the legislation.

Explicit consent is obtained in accordance with the applicable laws during the process of processing of all such data.

Our Cookie Policy

When you visit any website, cookies can be stored and used while roaming. Technical communication files obtained using the technology called cookies are small files that a website user transmits with a computer or mobile phone browser.

The date and time of the user’s visit to the site, the pages viewed, the areas clicked, the time spent on the website, the sites visited just before or after the website visit may be among the information obtained with cookies.

By evaluating this data obtained during your visit to any website, when you visit other websites, targeted, personalized advertising content can be displayed according to your interests. It is possible to block cookies with your internet browser.

Our General Principles and Rules

Personal data are collected and processed by Benice Logistics in a lawful manner and for a legitimate purpose by showing due care and diligence and stored in a safe and secure manner. Personal data are deleted, destroyed or anonymised with a suitable method in line with this Policy when the purpose of processing of such data ceases to exist or is completed.

Confidentiality: It is essential that the processes related with the processing of personal data within Benice Logistics are executed in strict confidence. In this context, Benice Logistics prevents any unauthorized access to personal data to the extent possible; takes any and all technical and organizational measures possible under its structure and conducts the related audits periodically.

Compliance with Law and the Rules of Integrity: Benice Logistics collects and processes personal data within the limits stipulated by the applicable laws and in compliance with the law and the rules of integrity.

Accuracy and Updating when required: Personal data are stored by Benice Logistics completely and accurately and updated when required. If the personal data are not accurate or up-to-date, Benice Logistics makes the necessary determinations and arrangements for correction, amendment, updating or deletion of such data.

Certainty and Transparency: Benice Logistics processes personal data for certain, clear and legitimate purposes and does not process personal data for any other purposes except for the data collection and processing purposes made transparent to the relevant data subject. The legitimacy of the purpose means that the data processed by Benice Logistics should be connected with and required for the business performed or the service provided by Benice Logistics.

Relevance, Proportionality and Consistency: Personal data processed by Benice Logistics are processed in a manner relevant, proportional and consistent with the purpose specified only; and in this context, personal data are processed subject to a reasonable limitation. No personal data shall be collected for any possible data processing purposes that may emerge in future; and personal data shall not be used, processed and transferred in any manner not suitable for the purpose of collection of such personal data.

Pursuant to minimum data principle, personal data are kept limited and proportional to the purpose of collection; and according to such purposes, any data not required are not stored.

Limited Period: If the principal purpose necessitating the processing of personal data ceases to exist and such data are no longer needed, the related personal data are deleted, destroyed or anonymised. If there are any periods stipulated in the laws for storage of data; such data shall be stored in accordance with the periods specified in the relevant legislation; and upon completion of the period specified in the laws, such data are checked by Benice Logistics at specific intervals and deleted from the systems/devices or environments that such data are physically stored in; or destroyed or anonymised.

Selection and Approval: Benice Logistics informs the data subject completely and as required in relation to the processing of personal data. If and when required, Benice Logistics takes the data subject’s consent for the relevant processing; and offers to the data subject the option to withdraw such consent or make any request in relation to their data at any time desired. Benice Logistics shall deal with the relevant data subject’s personal data in accordance with the other principles specified in this Policy after the relevant data subject withdraws their consent.

Data Subject’s Rights

The Law no. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data (“KVKK”) has granted the data subjects that are the owners of personal data the right to make some claims in relation to the processing of their personal data in article 11 of this law. In this context, according to the Communiqué no. 30356 on Principles and Procedures regarding Application to the Data Controller; Benice Lojistik Ltd. Şti “Benice Logistics” are obliged to answer such requests.

Pursuant to the first paragraph of article 13 of the Law on Protection of Personal Data; it is required that the applications to be made to our company as the data controller in relation to such rights should be notified to us in writing or via the following methods as specified by the Personal Data Protection Board (the “Board”).

Personal Application delivered by Hand

In case of applications delivered by hand, any person’s application is accepted upon identity verification of the relevant person. Benice Logistics employee receiving the application shall, after performing the identity check, indicate on the form the completion of the identity verification. (The expression “Kişisel Verilerin Korunması Kanunu Kapsamında Bilgi Talebi” (Information Request under the Law on Protection of Personal Data) shall be written onto the envelope.)

Application sent to Registered Electronic Mail Address

The application shall be sent to the following applicable registered electronic mail address according to the company for which the application will be made. (Benice Lojistik Ltd. Şti. ([email protected])

The applications made to these channels should be sent over the relevant person’s KEP (REM) address only and no further identity verification is needed. (The expression “Kişisel Verilerin Korunması Kanunu Bilgi Talebi” (Information Request under the Law on Protection of Personal Data) shall be entered into the subject field of the E-mail.)

Application made with E-Signature or Mobile Signature

An application with electronic signature and/or mobile signature is sent by the relevant person to Benice Logistics’ e-mail address of ([email protected]). The electronic signature on the application form sent as such shall be checked to ensure whether the file was signed with the secure electronic signature application or not and the application is accepted after identity verification. If the signature cannot be verified through secure electronic signature application or if the form has been sent with mobile signature, the relevant person shall be directed to the written channels. (The expression “Kişisel Verilerin Korunması Kanunu Bilgi Talebi” (Information Request under the Law on Protection of Personal Data) shall be entered into the subject field of the E-mail.)

Application received via a Public Notary

The application sent by the relevant person to Benice Logistics registered address via a public notary are received by Benice Logistics General Manager, Customer Relations Department. (The expression “Kişisel Verilerin Korunması Kanunu Bilgi Talebi”, Information Request under the Law on Protection of Personal Data) shall be written onto the envelope of the Notice)

Your applications that you have sent to us shall be answered within 30 days following the date of our receipt of your request according to the nature of the request as required by the 2nd paragraph of article 13 of the Law on Protection of Personal Data. Our replies shall be forwarded to you in writing or electronically pursuant to the relevant provision of article 13 of the Law on Protection of Personal Data.

You may have access, in detail, to the data processed by any of Benice Logistics under its capacity as the Data Controller by using the tab ‘Sicil Sorgulama’ (Registration Inquiry) over VERBIS (